Total Collection as on 09-08-2017      :  60,000

Text Books                                               :  53,535

Reference Books                                     :  6421

Rare Books                                               :  10

Bound Periodicals                                   :  6

Theses                                                        :  2

Census Report                                          :  1

Reports                                                      :  21

Gazetteers                                                 :  4







  • to extend New Library Building to manage space problem.
  • to introduce RFID system in the library for self-check-in and check-out of books for smooth circulation operation and stock verification and to install RFID enabled gate at the main entrance gate for security checking.
  • to digitized all theses, rare books, university administrative documents, etc. by using open source software DSpace.
  • to extend fully automated circulation operation at the circulation counter by using SOUL 2.0/Green Campus Library Software
  • to increase CCTV for electronic surveillance for the rest of the Library
















Raiganj University was established by Act No.102/17-(RGU), Dated.09.03.2017; In exercise of the            powers conferred by sub-section (2) of Section 61 of the Raiganj University Act, 2014 (West Ben. Act XXVI of 2014), the First Vice Chancellor of the University, with the approval of the Chancellor  and with the assistance of the Committee nominated by the State Government in terms of Notification No.859-Edn(U)/RGU-03/15 dated Kolkata, the 31st August,2015.





The library has grown in terms of its infrastructure and facilities science 1948 as College Library. In its mission to provide the reference and research infrastructure to the academic communities of the University, the library started developing its collection with the inputs from different academic departments. The library collection has grown strength has grown to about 56,000 books, 25 print journal and 151 CD/DVD across various academic disciplines. In tune with the present times it executes various theoretical and applied courses ranging from Science, Arts, Management and Law.


The Central Library provides books, journals as well as current information on various topics to fulfill the need of the various components of the university community viz. teachers, research scholars, students, officers and staff towards the fulfillment of their objectives.


  • The Library has collection on all branches of Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, and Management.




There is a Library Committee to regulate Policy, Planning, Process and all the developmental activities of the library. It renders instructions regarding management of funds set apart for the functioning of the University Library system. The Chairman of the Library Committee is the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and the Librarian of the University is Secretary, Ex-Officio member.



















  • Year of Establishment : 1948
  • Library Hours :   10 a.m-5.30 p.m.
  • Total Collection(as on 09-08-2017) : 60,000
  • Covered area (in sq. ft.) :   5400
  • Number of Employees (Existing) :   11

(a)   Professional (including officers)         :       5

(b)   Non-professional                             :   6

  • Number of Current Indian Journals :   14
  • Number of Current Foreign Journals :   19
  • Total Number of Online Journals :   28,583
  • Library Access :   Open Access & Closed Access
  • Average Number of Users visited daily : 95
  • Average Number of Issue/Return daily : 85
  • Library Security system :   Manual Security
  • Status of Automation :   Automated Database(Partial)
  • Library Software :   SOUL 2.0 & Green Campus
  • Library Web Portal (local)      :


























Session Amount (in Rs.)
2017-2018 4,45,600






Indian & Foreign Journals: 30

Name of Journal Total
Asian Journal of Legal Education  
Contemporary Education Dialogue  
Contemporary Voice of Dalit  
Feminist Theory  
Global Jr. of Emerging Market Economics  
History and Sociology of South Asia  
Indian Historical Review  
Indian Jr. of Gender Studies  
Jr. of Emerging Market Finance  
Jr. of Interdisciplinary Economics  
Jr. of Land and Rural Studies  
Jr. of South Asian Development  
Margin-Jr. of Applied Economics Research  
South Asia Economic Jr. Research & …  
South Asia Research  
South Asian Jr. of Microeconomics and Public Finance  
Studies in History  
Studies in Indian Politics  
Studies in Microeconomics  
Studies in People’s History  
The Indian Economic and Social History Review  
The Jr. of Commonwealth Literature  
The Medieval History Journal  
Journal of the Indian Law Institute  
The Quarterly review of historical studies  
The Calcutta historical journal  
Journal of the Asiatic society  
Social Scientist  











  • Average Daily Transaction      :   85 (Approx.)
  • Total Books Issue       :   9,900 (p.a.)
  • Total Books Return         :   8,800 (p.a.)






  • Average number of users visited daily : 95





Budget Head Allocation (in Rupees) Documents Procured (in number)
UGC Grant    
State Grant 76,92,926 19460
Gift 129
Others ..
Total   19,589










Cadre Name of the Post


Filled up Post
Officers Librarian (Officiating)


Retired College Librarian 1
Assistant Librarian 1
Non-teaching Employees Junior Assistant-cum-Typist


Junior Assistant-cum-Typist 1
Library Professionals


Assistant Librarian Grade II


Library Assistant


Junior Library Attendant


Junior Library Attendant


Senior Library Attendant


Junior Peon


Junior Peon 1
Total 11









Library committee is the main authoritative committee vested powers of framing general rules and regulations, suggestion, advice and guidance to the Librarian for Library development, approval of funds, proposal for implementation of new planning and programming, if any.


The Chairman:

Vice-Chancellor, Raiganj University



  1. Registrar
  2. Finance Officer
  3. Head/Representative, All P.G. Departments
  4. 6 Members Nominee of the Vice-Chancellor
  5. Librarian/Library-In-Charge, Convener







The Central Library, the apex body of all the seminar libraries, is very much efficient to provide quality service.

  • Single faced and double faced stack
  • Magazine display rack
  • Display racks for new arrivals and documents for competitive examinations
  • Notice, guidelines and instructions to users
  • Classification Schemes (DDC & Bangla-Grantha Bargikaran), Catalogue Code

(AACR-IIR) and Book Mark Tables (C A Cutter’s alphabetic-order table)

  • Classified and Dictionary Catalogue Cabinets
  • Photocopiers
  • Facility for spraying insecticides
  • Sufficient number of fire extinguisher
  • Facility for proper ventilation and lights
  • Requisite number of reading tables, chairs to facilitate users
  • Suggestions & Complaint Box














  • Two days “ Book Exhibition-cum Sale” CHEMISTRY





  • Bibliographic Service
  • Reference Service
  • Information Service
  • Reprographic Facility
  • Internet Facility
  • Online Access to Selected Journals through J-GATE
  • Study and Research Support Service
  • Information Hub for Students, Teachers & Research Scholars
  • Journals of National and International repute
  • Lending facilities for books
  • After processing the documents are being sent regularly to Seminar Libraries as required
  • Study and Research Support Service
  • Information Hub for Students, Teachers & Research Scholars
  • Journals of National and International repute
  • Lending facilities for books
  • Display of Information regarding arrival of Books and Journals
  • OPAC and Web OPAC
  • Career Guidance Service
  • Reading facilities to Retired Teachers
  • User Orientation







  • OPAC: Online Public Access Catalogue is the electronic version of the card catalogue.













Late Fine 1st 15 days after due date 20 paise/ day
Thereafter 1 Rupee/ day
Lost Fine Lending card Rs. 10/-
Reference Card Rs. 10/-








Option I Replace the document by same edition or later edition
Option II Reimburse for document (price accessioned + enhancement @15% per annum from accession date)



e-PG Pathshala : The members of the Library can get a few number of online journals at free of cost through e-PG Pathshala. And the Library has introduced a very important and useful service for the members by online printing the e-resources at a very nominal cost.


  • Open Access:To give the users an option to look through all their requirements. Library has provided open access facility (Not for UG Student).



  • Membership Database :Library has generated the complete computerized membership database of all members by using Green Campus Library Software & in house membership card.


  • Information Hub for Students, Teachers & Research Scholar: Library has extended more provisions to check mails, browse net and download papers for the University Students, Teachers & Research Scholars by providing an Information Hub with 4 nodal points.


  • Bar Coding: Barcoding of all books have been completed for fast and smooth circulation.














Library has already adapted different ICT infrastructure along with Information hub for students, teachers & research scholars with Internet and OPAC facility.

  • Xeon RAID Server (X3400): Execute the SOUL 2.0 &software for Library Automation.
  • Desktop PCs (14) with UPS connected with LAN
  • 6 KVA UPS for Server
  • WiFi JioFree Internet
  • Air Broad Band Service (10 MBPS)
  • Scanner: Image Scanner (1) and Barcode Scanner (6).
  • Printer: Network printer-copier and 2 stand alone printers.
  • Software:
    • Operating system (XP-SP3, Windows Server R2-2003, Windows7 & 10)
    • Library Management Software (SOUL 2.0)
    • Utility software (MS-Office, Acrobat Reader)
    • In-house developed software (Library portal, Bar-codes, Interfaces)






Members Category No.
Students (UG + PG) 4611
Research Scholars 21
M. Phil 25
Ph. D Course 25
Teachers 97
Officers 06
Staff 21
Retired Teacher 05
Total 4,810







Category of Borrowers No. of Books Duration of Loan
Teachers 30 30 Days
Officers 30 30 Days
Technical/ Professional Staff 02 30 Days
Non-teaching staff 02 30 days
Research Scholar 02 30 Days
Ph. D Course 02 30 Days
Student (M.Phil) 02 30 Days
Student (P.G.) 02 15 Days
Student (U.G.) Hons. 02 15 Days
Students (U. G.) Pass 01 15 Days