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The University: Vision & Mission

Raiganj University, one of the foremost universities in West Bengal, is a premier educational institution that strives to fulfil the higher educational needs of the people of North Bengal. established on 3rd February 2015, it carries the legacy of 70 years of Raiganj College (University College) founded in 1948. The University is located in Uttar Dinajpur, one of the  backward districts of West Bengal with a rural economic base and reaches out to the marginalized communities with over 70% inhabitants dependant on agriculture and allied activities. It conducts a wide range of programmes at the Undergraduate, Postgraduate, M.Phil and Doctoral levels through its 22 University Departments and 11 Centres imparts education in the conventional disciplines of science, applied science, social science and humanities and in the professional disciplines of Management, Education and Legal studies.


Raiganj University advocates inclusive education through the establishment of a buoyant regional ecosystem of education. The teaching programmes conducted under the Credit and Semester System (CSS) in the departments of teaching and research is based on traditional, interdisciplinary and multiperspectival approaches adhering to the UGC regulations. We follow the CBCS system for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. Our programmes are suited to the demands of career making and facilitate constructive dialogue with society. The University faculty consists of scholars of national and international repute. The faculty and research scholars of several departments have been recognised for the excellence of their publications.


We have initiated measures to forge institutional ties with universities in Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh for academic collaboration under the Raiganj International Academic Network Programme. We have MoU with Uttar Bangla University College, Bangladesh. Raiganj University supports student start-up projects, facilitates patent application among faculty and promotes industry-university linkage. We created an institutional apparatus for this purpose by establishing the Business Incubation and Innovation Centre. Admission of students are in accordance with the polices of the State regarding merit parameters and reservation of seats for the socially and economically disadvantaged sections. We have digitalised admission procedure, which ensures a speedy, fool proof and hassle-free admission process that aptly addresses social justice.




Raiganj University is a socially responsive, publicly accountable and innovative academic institution founded on the lofty vision of ‘inclusive education and ‘community development’. We aim to enrich the present and future generations with the values of sustainable development,

responsible citizenship and equal opportunity for all. We focus on imparting quality education, especially to the socially, economically and educationally backward community. We create, preserve and disseminate knowledge to ensure the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development of an individual. We are knowledge-based and student centred.




The mission of our university is to equip the learners with the requisite skillset on the path of knowledge and to engage them with exploring the new vistas of creativity with zeal. We are set to nurture talent and lead the students for creating innovative ideas. We believe that Higher education is not just for gaining knowledge but for creating useful knowledge that will be benefecial for the society. We believe that higher education is for gaining achieving that will contribute to the economy. Our university is tuned to meet these ends of Higher education. The University engages in teaching and research of international quality, and provides extension activities for the benefit of the community, particularly the socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the society. Our educational programmes are directed towards achieving excellence in education, extending the benefits of improved technology to the society and creating future leaders. We work to emerge as a centre of academic excellence; to be recognized as the hub of original research and innovative thinking that caters to the needs of the community, the industry and the policy makers; to respond to the issues of the community and to strengthen the consultancy services of the University through University- Industry linkage. Our committed teachers generate and disseminate knowledge through innovative teaching/learning methodologies which ensure the maturation of individuals, leaders, scholars, scientists and sports persons, produce young entrepreneurs, and ensure employability of graduates, in diverse fields. We guide the students to job-worthiness and teach them how to gain knowledge.This challenging academic mission is underpinned by the ideals of interdisciplinarity, meaningful local-global interaction, and sustainable development. In this pursuit we ensure that Departments and centres in the University have autonomy within the framework of the established system.


Our motto is Sā vidya yavimuktaye,

which means

“Education results in liberation.”