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Academic Programs Offered
Bachelors/ Masters/ M.Phil./Ph.D. Degrees
B.A. (H) / B.Sc. (H)/B.Com (H) / BCA (H)/BBA (H)
M.A. / M.Sc./M.Com/MBA/ LL.M.

Serial Number Name of the Department/ Centre Level & Nature of the Programs Programs/ Degrees Offered
1 Bengali
Bachelors B.A.(H)- Bengali
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Taught) M.A.-Bengali
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Research) MPhil-Bengali
Doctoral Ph.D. (Arts)-Bengali
2 English
Bachelors B.A.(H)-English
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Taught) M.A.-English
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Research) M.Phil.-English
Doctoral Ph.D. (Arts)-English
3 Economics
Bachelors B.A.(H)/B.Sc.(H)- Applied & Analytical Economics
Masters (Taught) M.A./ M.Sc.- Applied & Analytical Economics
Masters (Research) M.Phil. (Arts/ Science)-Economics
Doctoral Ph.D. (Arts/ Science)-Economics
4 Education
Bachelors B.A.(H)-Education
Masters (Taught) M.A.-Education
M.A.-Education (Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Research) M.Phil.-Education
Doctoral Ph.D. (Arts)-Education
5 History
Bachelors B.A.(H)-History
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Taught) M.A.-History
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Research) MPhil-History
Doctoral Ph.D. (Arts)-History
6 Geography
Bachelors B.A.(H)/B.Sc.(H)- Geography
B.A./B.Sc.(H)- Geography
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Taught) M.A./ M.Sc.- Geography
M.A./ M.Sc.- Geography (Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Research) M.Phil. (Arts/ Science)- Geography
Doctoral Ph.D. (Arts/ Science)- Geography
7 Law
Masters (Taught) LL.M. (Institutional & Administrative Laws/ Corporate & Commercial Laws/ IPR & Technology Laws)
Masters (Research) MPhil (Arts)- Laws
Doctoral Ph.D. (Arts)- Laws
8 Management
Bachelors BBA (H)
Masters (Taught) MBA (Finance/ Marketing/ HR/Agri Business Management)
Masters (Research) MPhil (Arts)-Management
Doctoral Ph.D. (Arts)- Management
9 Political Science
Bachelors B.A.(H)-Political Science
Masters (Taught) M.A.-Political Science MA-Political Science (Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Research) MPhil (Arts)-Political Science
Doctoral Ph.D. (Arts)- Political Science
10 Philosophy
Bachelors B.A.(H)-Philosophy
Masters (Taught) M.A.-Philosophy
Masters (Research) M.Phil.- Philosophy
Doctoral Ph.D. (Arts)- Philosophy
11 Sociology
Bachelors B.A.(H)-Sociology
Masters (Taught) M.A.-Sociology
Masters (Research) M.Phil.-Sociology
Doctoral Ph.D. (Arts)- Sociology
12 Sanskrit
Bachelors B.A.(H)-Sanskrit
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Taught) M.A.-Sanskrit
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Research) M.Phil.-Sanskrit
Doctoral Ph.D. (Arts)- Sanskrit
13 Commerce
Bachelors B.Com. (Accountancy)
Masters (Taught) M.Com (with Specialization)
Masters (Research) MPhil-Commerce
Doctoral Ph.D. Commerce
14 Botany
Bachelors B.Sc.-Botany
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Taught) M.Sc.-Botany
Masters (Research) M.Phil. (Science)-Botany
Doctoral Ph.D. (Science)-Botany
15 Chemistry
Bachelors B.Sc.(H)-Chemistry
B.Sc.(H)- Chemistry
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Taught) MSc- Chemistry
Masters (Research) MPhil (Science)- Chemistry
Doctoral Ph.D. (Science)- Chemistry
16 Computer & Information Science
Bachelors (Professional) BCA(H) BCA(H) (Evening/ Self Financed)
Bachelors B.Sc.(H)-Computer Science
Masters (Taught) M.Sc.-Computer Science
Masters (Taught) M.Sc.-Computer & Information Science
Masters (Research) M.Phil. (Science)- Computer & Information Science
Doctoral Ph.D. (Science)- Computer & Information Science
17 Mathematics
Bachelors B.Sc.(H)-Mathematics
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Taught) M.Sc.-Mathematics
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Research) M.Phil.-Mathematics
Doctoral Ph.D. (Science)-Mathematics
18 Microbiology
Bachelors B.Sc.(H)-Microbiology
Masters (Taught) M.Sc.- Microbiology
Masters (Research) M.Phil.- Microbiology
Doctoral Ph.D. (Science)- Microbiology
19 Physics
Bachelors B.Sc.(H)-Physics
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Taught) MSc-Physics
Masters (Research) MPhil-Physics
Doctoral Ph.D. (Science)-Physics
20 Sericulture
Bachelors B.Sc.(H)-Sericulture
Masters (Taught) M.Sc.- Sericulture
Masters (Research) M.Phil.- Sericulture
Doctoral Ph.D. (Science)- Sericulture
21 Statistics
Bachelors B.Sc.(H)-Statistics
22 Zoology
Bachelors B.Sc.(H)-Zoology
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Taught) M.Sc.(H)-Zoology
Masters (Research) MPhil- Zoology
Doctoral Ph.D.(Science)- Zoology

Note: 1. The University also offers UG Program Course as aided & self financed basis .

Note: 2. Self financed programs are normally offered in the evening slot.

Note: 3. M.Phil. Programs may be offered (if notified)

Note: 4. The University has also provision for the D.Sc. & D.Litt. degrees as per the regulations (Click Here).