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The Department of Chemistry was established during the academic year 1953-54 in the erstwhile Raiganj College (University College) and the college is up gradated to a fully fledged university (by Raiganj University Act: 2014) on 3rd February,2015.


The Department of Chemistry has B. Sc., M. Sc. and Ph. D. Programmes. The academic programmers are so designed as to enable the students to acquire a good understanding of Chemistry as well as in applications. A good number of students qualify the IIT-JAM, NET and other competitive examinations every year.

Vision of the Department:


The Chemistry Department prepares students for the diversified and changing world. We proudly strive to contribute to a chemically literate society through the all round development of the students to serve the nation.




  • We value the development of knowledgeable and inquisitive students in the chemical professions.
  • We value quality undergraduate research opportunities designed to make involvement in state of the art chemical research a part of a student's chemistry education.
  • We value access to a quality education in chemistry for a diverse range of students.
  • We value rigorous standards for teaching and learning.
  • We value effective and innovative teaching practices.
  • We value a collaborative, collegial and co-operative teaching and learning community composed of diverse scholars including resource persons, distinguished professors and noted scientists.
  • We value the synergistic relationship of teaching, scholarship and service.
  • We value to ensure to grow the quality of leadership among our young and energetic citizen to represent the nation.


Mission of the Department:


Enhance the quality of teaching in chemistry and application oriented chemistry programs. Enhance the basic and applied research framework in the Chemistry Department. Increase enrolment in the chemistry programs. Enhance services to the community and society.

Level & Nature of the ProgramsDegrees Approved/Offered
B.Sc.(H)- Chemistry
(Evening/ Self Financed)
Masters (Taught)MSc- Chemistry
Masters (Research)MPhil (Science)- Chemistry
DoctoralPh.D. (Science)- Chemistry

Objective of the UG Program: (in few words or point wise) 

To provide the highest level of education in science and to produce competent and creative students by following tools of teaching-learning process

  •  • Lecture
  •  • Demonstration Practical
  •  • Lecture with demonstration
  •  • Smart Board
  •  • Seminar
  •  • Group Discussion


Objective of the PG Program: (in few words or point wise)

To provide the highest level of education in post-graduate chemistry and to produce competent and creative students by following tools of teaching-learning process

  1. Lecture
  2. Demonstration Practical
  3. Lecture with demonstration
  4. Smart Board
  5. Seminar
  6. Group Discussion
  7. Project


Specialization of the UG Program (if any): No


Specialization of PG Program (if any): Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry


Future Program Planning (if any): UGC: Special Assistance Programme (SAP)

The Department has following facilities for its students, researchers and teachers (Library, well equipped furniture, Computer, Internet etc)—

  • ● of Computers : 18
  • ● With Internet : 13
  • ● Without Internet : 05
  • ● Printer : 10
  • ● Laptop : 01
  • ● Projector : 04
  • ● Pointer : 02
  • ● Smart board : 01
  • ● White board : 02
  • ● Green Board : 03
  • ● Ball and stick model : 02
  • ● Seminar Library : Yes (Contains 173 Books)

The Department has following research areas of interest as thrust area—

  • ● Organic Synthesis
  • ● Natural Product Chemistry
  • ● Supramolecular Chemistry
  • ● Organometallics
  • ● Green Chemistry
  • ● Organic Synthetic Methodology
  • ● Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry
  • ● Bioinformatics
  • ● Fuel Chemistry
  • ● Computational Chemistry
  • ● Molecular Dynamics.

Broad Specialization of the Research Programs are Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry

Number of Ph.D. Candidate their Degrees (if any)


(Name of the Candidate with Title of the Thesis and Year of Award)

Sl. No.Name of the ScholarSupervisorCo-SupervisorTitle of the ThesisStatus


Number of Ph.D. Candidate Registered—


Sl. No.Name of the ScholarSupervisorCo-SupervisorStatus
1Hridoy BasakDr. Abhik ChatterjeeDr. Ayon PalRegistered
2Joydeep GhoshDr. Abhik Chatterjee        NilRegistered
3Susama ChakrabortyDr. Amitava Mandal        NilRegistered
4Goutam BasakDr. Amitava Mandal        NilRegistered
5Hitlar Rahaman BasuniaDr. Kinkar Biswas        NilRegistered
6Arun Kr. PramanikDr. Abhik Chatterjee        NilRegistered
7Mintu ThakurDr. Kinkar Biswas        NilRegistered
8Sujoy KarmakarDr. Abhik Chatterjee        NilRegistered
9Sandip Kr. DasDr. Bidyut Kr. Santra        Nil 
10Debasmita RoyDr. Bidyut Kr. Santra        Nil 
11Surajit KarmakarDr. Kinkar Biswas        NilYet to register
12Soma SarkarDr. Kinkar Biswas        NilYet to register
13Ankana KarmakarDr. Amitava Mandal        NilYet to register
14Pretam Kumar MondalNewly Admitted Yet to register
15Sudipta RoyNewly Admitted Yet to register
16Sayantan RoyNewly Admitted Yet to register
17Kishor Kumar DasNewly Admitted Yet to register
18Suraj MandalNewly Admitted Yet to register
19Dilli Ram PokhrelNewly Admitted Yet to register



Total 42 (Forty Twenty) Journal Paper has been Published from 2015 to 2020 from the Department of Botany—

Dr. Ayon Pal, M. Sc., Ph.D. Associate Professor and Head (Please refer full CV)
Dr. Parimal Mandal, M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Professor (Please refer full CV)
Dr. Sanjoy Sadhukhan, M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor (Please refer full CV)
Mr. Zerald Tiru, M.Sc. Assistant Professor (Please refer full CV)
Dr. Arka Pratim Chakraborty, M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor (Please refer full CV)
  • (Dr.) Basudeb Basu (Visiting Professor), Dept. of Chemistry has received J. G. Goodley Memorial Award, ABN Seal College and Bharat Ratna CNR Rao Endowment Lecture Award in the year 2018-2019.
  • (Dr.) Basudeb Basu (Visiting Professor), Dept. of Chemistry has been invited/ acted as Visiting Professor at Fudan University, Shanghai, China and Umeå University, Sweden in academic session 2016-17.
  • (Dr.) Basudeb Basu (Visiting Professor), Dept. of Chemistry has been Elected Fellow, West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology in the year 2015-16.
  • Kinkar Biswas has received Junior Scientist 2017 by NESA, New Delhi in 2017.
  • Kinkar Biswas has received Teachers’ Fellowship under FDP-UGC (in the academic session 2014-15)
  • Kinkar Biswas get WBDSTBT project on 2020.
  • Amitava Mandal get WBDSTBT project on 2020.
  • Campus Interview by TCG Life Sciences on 25.02.2019 and 05.11.2019 at Department of Chemistry, Raiganj University.
  • Department of Chemistry has signed a MOU with TCG Life Sciences on 07.02.2020.
  • Department of Chemistry has Cell and Division in the Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry.
Placement of Students
Sl. No. Name of alumni Year of passing Placement
1 Sidhu Roy 2017 M.Sc. Assistant Teacher, Maharajaat High School
2 Biva Moitra 2019 M.Sc. TCG Lifesciences, Kolkata-700091
3 Debanjan Sen 2019 M.Sc. TCG Lifesciences, Kolkata-700091
4 Paromita Basak 2019 M.Sc. TCG Lifesciences, Kolkata-700091
5 Sudiksha Sikder 2019 M.Sc. TCG Lifesciences, Kolkata-700091
6 Sumana Chakraborty 2019 M.Sc. TCG Lifesciences, Kolkata-700091
7 Arini Rakshit 2019 M.Sc. TCG Lifesciences, Kolkata-700091
8 Jamil Aktar 2019 M.Sc. TCG Lifesciences, Kolkata-700091
NET Qualified Candidates
Sl. No. Name Pass out year Course Qualified
1 Sumit Gangopadhyay 2017 M.Sc.
2 Arindam Das 2018 M.Sc.
JAM Qualified Candidates: 10 (Ten)
Sl. No. Name Pass out year Course Qualified
1 Mousumi Deb 2019 B.Sc.
2 Deep Ranjan Kundu 2019 B.Sc.
3 Samrat Sarkar 2019 B.Sc.
4 Jiban Saha 2019 B.Sc.
5 Debolina Saha 2019 B.Sc.
6 Namrata Pal 2019 B.Sc.
7 Pintu Karmakar 2018 B.Sc.
8 Sujan Sinha 2018 B.Sc.
9 Pitambar Das 2018 B.Sc.
10 Pratim Kr. Roy 2017 B.Sc.

In 2016:

“One Day International seminar on exploring Chemistry for the Development of North Bengal” held on 19th March 2016.


Year: 2017

Seminar “Chemical Science Horizon” held on16th March 2017.

Special Lecture Series by Prof. Sanjay Bhar, Department of Chemistry, Jadavpur University on Green Chemistry from 12.06.2017 to 17.06.2017 at the Department of Chemistry, Raiganj University, Topic: Green Chemistry (for M.Sc. students)


Year: 2018

  • ● Special class taken by Dr. Biplab Sarkar, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya, by August 2018, Topic: Quantum Chemistry.
  • ● Special class taken by Dr. Tapas Majumder, Department of Chemistry, Kalyani University on 12.12.2018, Topic: fluorescence chemistry.
  • ● Special Lectures by Prof. (Dr.) Tapan Kanti Paine, Indian Association for Cultivation of Science, Kolkata, on 01.10.2018 (Topic:  1. Coordination Chemistry: The Scientific Legacy of Alfred Werner)
  • ● Metals in Biology (Special Lectures by Prof. Subrata Mukhopadhyay, Jadavpur University on 15.11.2018
  • ● Topic:  1. Basic Kinetics & 2. Methods (Special Lectures by Prof. Swapan Kumar Bhattacharya, Jadavpur University on 15.11.2018)
  • ● Topic:  1. Basic Electrode & 2.Cyclic Voltammetry (Seminar àSusama Chakraborty (Supervisor: Dr. Amitava Mandal) presented her paper in the Regional Science Congress and selected for State level)

Year: 2019

Special Lectures on occasion of IYPT-2019 delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Asutosh Ghosh, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Rani Rashmoni Green University, on 13.12.2019.

Department of Chemistry

Ground Floor,

Left Wing, Main Building Annex

Raiganj University

West Bengal-733 134, India