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 History of Raiganj University

Raiganj University is a State University came into being on 3rd February 2015 by the Raiganj University Act (West Bengal Act XXVI of 20l4) which was passed in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly. It is located in Raiganj Sub-Division, which happens to be the District Head Quarters of Uttar Dinajpur. The Raiganj University is unique on many counts. Firstly, this University has been developed by upgrading an aided under-graduate college namely “Raiganj College (University College)” into a University. Secondly, it is the first Unitary University in North Bengal which offers both under-graduate and post-graduate courses from its own campus, although there is a provision of affiliation of neighboring under-graduate colleges. Thirdly, this University also offers General Courses at the under-graduate level. In a way, the Raiganj University is a unique experiment in the Higher Education scenario of West Bengal because an aided college endowed with the resources only compatible with the under-graduate level of education has been upgraded to a Post-Graduate Institution. The activities of Raiganj University are confined not only with the under-graduate and post-graduate teaching- learning. It has been widened with manifold research activities including M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes. Raiganj University intended to be a teaching, research training centre. The University is included in the 2(f) and 12 (b) clause of the UGC Act, 1954 which confers the right to the University to award degrees. The University almost simultaneously started various Under-Graduate (Honours) Programmes in different discipline from the session 2015-2016. It is worthwhile to mention here that the first Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Raiganj University, Prof. Anil Bhuimali took over the charge in April 16, 2015 and this appointment of Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor added a great fillip to the teaching, learning and research of newly established University. Despite being the Unitary University status, it had to accommodate the students at the under-graduate level general course under special situation prevailing in Raiganj.

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History of Raiganj University..