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The University seeks to address the development needs of the region and to facilitate socio-economic studies formed the NBCDS. North Bengal, in Bengali it is called, Uttar Banga or Uttar Bangla, comprises north-western part of Bangladesh and northern part of West Bengal. In terms of development of agriculture, industry and services, the North Bengal economy is comparatively less developed. The North Bengal economy is largely dominated by agriculture and allied activities. The objectives are intended to address these issues. The North Bengal Centre for Development Studies is entrusted with the responsibility of drafting the Human Development Report 2019 for the District of Alipurduar which testifies the confidence the policy makers’ repose  in  the  Centre  vis-a-vis  development/  poverty  studies. The project will covered the present status of socio- economic features and livelihood pattern  both in rural and urban sectors of this district. There must be a clear focus to identify critical disparities across social groups defined by geopolitical position, religious affection, gender and socio- economic status; assessments of input, process and outcome indicators in education and health in the district; present agricultural situation, irrigation facilities etc., industrial status of the district; local resources, their economic status and income, their future development and effective changes; evaluation of the Govt. / Departmental policies on the people of this district after reviewing the previous and current policies etc. This work specifically included ranking of 6 blocks; 66 Gram Panchayat Sabhas (GPS) to be ranked within each Block as per HDI and indexing of the parameter report for Alipurduar Municipality.