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Admission Related Technical Helpdesk: 08584824065 / 06292218758 (10:30am-06:00pm)

Examination Related Helpline Number : 7501801160

Collections & Technology Adopted

The library has a collection of several reports like, Education Reports, Occasional papers, books of heritage importance, etc. The library with the help of the teachers, non-teaching staff, research scholars and the students is also trying to collect very old books and manuscripts from the local people which have historical importance.

The Central Library started its automation process in 2016. We have partially automated our library system through SOUL 2.0 (Software for University Libraries) with WEB 2.0 Version and the process is being continued.

Software for University Libraries (SOUL) is state-of-the-art integrated library management software designed and developed by the INFLIBNET Centre based on requirements of college and university libraries. It is user-friendly software developed to work under client-server environment. The software is compliant to international standards for bibliographic formats, networking and circulation protocols. After a comprehensive study, discussions and deliberations with the senior professionals of the country, the software was designed to automate all housekeeping operations in library. SOUL 2.0 is compliant to international standards such as MARC 21 bibliographic format, Unicode based Universal Character Sets for multilingual bibliographic records and NCIP 2.0 and SIP 2 based protocols for electronic surveillance and control.

In its mission to provide the reference and research infrastructure to the academic communities of the University, the library started developing its collection with the inputs from different academic departments. At present this library has a total collection of 62855 books which also includes gifts from various sources. The library holds approximately one lakh documents. Apart from general collections, it has rare books and stock of old series of newspapers, journals and notable collections of rare manuscripts. The members of the library enjoy the opportunity of online access of Journals, eBooks through the INFLIBNET Centre and JSTOR, J-Gate+, World E-book Library, E-PG Pathshala and South Asia Archive through ESS. Recently, the process of digitizing some of the collections of the Central Library of

the University has been started via establishing Digital Library which also includes and collection of e- books collected from different sources by the library professionals. The establishment Information Hub and Teachers’ Reading Room-cum-Information Hub has already completed and ready for the users of the library and an initiative has also taken for the establishment of Information Hub in Students’ Reading Room with 16 Computers via Thin-Client. Recently, the Library Committee has taken a decision for the sake of the stakeholders of the University and resolved to keep library open on Saturdays and Sundays.  To mitigate the social demand, the Library has initiate outreach services for community interest so that non-members and potential users may also avail library services. The University library maintains individual departmental library facilities to the users and also maintains Career Guidance and Competitive Examinations Cell along with Journal Section. The process of setting up of multi-storied building for the library with state-of-the-art facilities is underway.

The Central Library has collection on all branches of Science, Arts, Social Science, Commerce, Law, and Management and provides books, journals as well as current information on various topics to fulfill the need of the various components of the university community viz. teachers, research scholars, students, officers, staff and potential users towards the fulfillment of their objectives.