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Admission Related Technical Helpdesk: 08584824065 / 06292218758 (10:30am-06:00pm)

Examination Related Helpline Number : 7501801160

Masters Degree
M.A. / M.Sc.
Evening/ Self Financed Programs

Serial Number Name of the Department/ Centre Level of the Programs Programs/ Degrees Offered
1 Bengali Masters Degree M.A.-Bengali (Evening/ Self Financed)
2 English Masters Degree M.A.-English (Evening/ Self Financed)
3 Education Masters Degree M.A.-Education (Evening/ Self Financed)
4 History Masters Degree M.A.-History (Evening/ Self Financed)
5 Geography Masters Degree M.A./ M.Sc.- Geography (Evening/ Self Financed)
6 Political Science Masters Degree M.A.- Political Science (Evening/ Self Financed)
7 Sanskrit Masters Degree M.A.-Sanskrit (Evening/ Self Financed)
8 Mathematics Masters Degree M.Sc.-Mathematics (Evening/ Self Financed)