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Office of The Controller of Examination

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Dr. Suvamay Bhowmick

Deputy Controller of Examinations



The office of the controller of examinations at Raiganj University following a credible, valid, effective and transparent evaluation system that responds confidently to the challenges to fulfill the demand of a knowledge society.

UGC recommends grading systems over the conventional marks system and this grading system has been followed in most of the top institutions in India and aboard. So it is desirable to introduce a uniform grading system. This will facilitate students mobility across institutions in India and across countries. To bring in the desired uniformity, in grading system and method for computing the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) based on the performance of students in the Examinations.

We at Raiganj university are following Choice based credit system (CBCS) in tune of global trends and the adoption of a proper grading system to measure performance of the student.

Since its establishment, the office of the controller of examinations at Raiganj University has been functioning smoothly with the vision of excellence in the academic area. This office is conducting all the university examination, evaluation process and publishing the results thereof.

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