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List of Academic Programs

SL No Name of Dept Name of the Discipline
1 Dept of.Bengali (UG and PG)
2 Dept of English (UG and PG)
3 Dept of History (UG and PG)
4 Dept of Economics (UG and PG)
5 Dept of Geography (UG and PG)
6 Dept of Education (UG)
7 Dept of Political Science (UG and PG)
8 Dept of Philosophy (UG and PG)
9 Dept of Sanskrit (UG and PG)
10 Dept of Sociology (UG and PG)
11 Dept. of Commerce (Accountancy) (UG and PG)
12 Dept. of Management (BBA and MBA)
13 Dept.of Physics (UG and PG)
14 Dept. of Chemistry (UG and PG)
15 Dept. of Mathematics (UG and PG)
16 Dept. of BCA ,Computer & Information Science (UG and PG)
17 Dept.of Microbiology (UG and PG)
18 Dept. of Zoology (UG and PG) (UG and PG)
19 Dept. of Botany (UG and PG) (UG and PG)
20 Dept. of Sericulture (UG and PG) (UG and PG)
21 Dept. of Computer Science (UG)
22 Dept. of Statistics (UG)
23 Dept. of LAW (LLM) (PG)