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Admission Related Technical Helpdesk: 08584824065 / 06292218758 (10:30am-06:00pm)

Examination Related Helpline Number : 7501801160

Director: Prof. K. S. Tiwary

The Centre aims to promote advanced research in the Mathematics. The Executive Council after long deliberation and with a great satisfaction unanimously approved the proposal of creation of the centre in the Mathematics Department. The Centre is in its nascent stage to initiate studies on the advances and issues of research in Mathematics. It aspires to train the research scholars and research supervisors through orientation programmes/ seminars/workshop training/conferences to discuss the current ideas of research. The centre is expecting to publish a peer-reviewed journal of high standards. It has also a plan to encourage to faculty members of the department to take part in the research conferences in India and abroad. The centre is expected to emerge as one of the unique researchcentres in Mathematics in North Bengal.