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Department of Philosophy has started its journey with the establishment of Raiganj University (erstwhile Raiganj University College) in February, 2015. Initially it had 3 permanent and 3 guest teachers. Presently the Department has 6 permanent teachers 2 guest teachers and 2 non-teaching staffs. Besides that, eminent scholars from various universities and colleges are associated with the department and extended their academic help with their special classes, special lectures, and other academic activities. From the beginning the Department has its motto of spreading critical and rational knowledge among the students through versatile syllabus designed for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students.


Philosophy is an activity of examining and evaluating standpoints, disclosing presuppositions and providing rational foundations for theoretical as well as practical knowledge. It always aims to provide comprehensive knowledge of all aspects related to our lives and world. Philosophy, being a critical inquiry, strengthens our conceptual framework, sharpens our thinking mind, enriches our understanding and expands our mental horizons. To facilitate students with such a philosophical understanding the Department of Philosophy offers programs of teaching and research in philosophy at B.A., M.A., M.Phil. & Ph.D. level covering various fields, both from Indian and Western philosophy. Faculty members of the department are constantly engaged in teaching and research in Buddhism, Jainism, Nyāya, Sāṁkhya-Yoga, Vedānta, Contemporary Indian Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion, Logic, Philosophy of Language, Normative Ethics, Applied Ethics, and Socio-Political Philosophy.

Vision of the Department:

  • ●The department aims to carry out the advanced research on Indian traditional as well as global philosophical thought.
  • ● To develop advance level of philosophical competency in the fields of Philosophy, Religion, Culture, Aesthetics, Ethics and Applied Ethics through research and publication of books.
  • ● The Department of Philosophy will give greater support and emphasize upon Inter disciplinary researches under the domain of Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Social Sciences. For this, we have cooperation from various Departments of this University.


Mission of the Department:

  • ● This Department will concentrate on the comparative study of Eastern and Western thought with special reference to present problems of human life and societies.
  • ● The Department of Philosophy plans to organize seminars on various religions to project their social relevance in the multilingual country.
  • ● The Department of Philosophy provides greater opportunity to do research on Social, Cultural, Spiritual and Moral issues-facing our nation.
  • ● To translate the works of significant Local and other language Philosophical Treatises into English and other Indian languages.
  • ● To undertake high-level research on the profound thoughts and thinkers of Indian Philosophical and Religious Tradition in Bengal.
  • ● To focus on the study of different systems of Indian Philosophy, especially from the rich materials embedded in Sanskrit and other Classical languages.
  • ● To promote Religious Harmony through Inter-Religious dialogue and Comparative Study of Religions.
Level & Nature of the ProgramsDegrees Approved/Offered
Masters (Taught)M.A.-Philosophy
Masters (Research)M.Phil.- Philosophy
DoctoralPh.D. (Arts)- Philosophy

✱ BA (Programme Course) also offered by this Department as aided & self financed basis.


Objective of the UG Program:

The new CBCS provides an opportunity for the students to choose courses from the prescribed courses comprising core, elective/minor or skill based courses. Core courses and elective courses are designed to make aware students about foundational concepts world philosophies and its various branches. Students also have to write term papers and seminar papers which enable them to exercise their ability of critical thinking and evaluation of philosophical issues and relevant solutions.

Objective of the PG Program:

  • ● To develop critical awareness of the importance of Philosophy.
  • ● To develop skills in reading, digesting, and critically discussing a range of important and challenging philosophical texts.
  • ● To understand and appreciate aspects of style, method and content which are particular to the Western and Indian tradition.
  • ● To debate the relevance of key themes in philosophy, such as ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, Logic, philosophy of religion, political philosophy.
  • ● To provide a synoptic knowledge of various philosophical issues related to human life and the world as a whole.

Specialization of the UG Program:

  • ● Philosophy of Mind
  • ● Indian Materialism
  • ● Bhagavad Gitā
  • ● Philosophy of Science Understanding
  • ● Analytic Philosophy
  • ● Vivekananda Religion
  • ● Bio-Ethics
  • ● Feminism

Specialization of PG Program:

  • ● Sāṁkhya Philosophy
  • ● Nāya-Vaiśeṣika
  • ● Contemporary Indian Philosophy
  • ● Western Philosophy of Language

Future Program Planning:

  • ● To improve support structure for research works.
  • ● Department has a plan to establish a centre for East-West Comparative Philosophy.
  • ● To collaborate with national and international research centres and departments of reputed universities for students and faculty exchange programmes.
  • ● To published a departmental journal, reference books and text books.
  • ● As part of future plan, the department will submitted a proposal for faculty development centre for research on current trends in philosophy under Madan Mohan Malviya Scheme.

The department has well equipped classrooms and faculty rooms with computers, internet and printing facilities. One room is dedicated for smart class facility. Department has a library cum reading room with 500 books and more than 30 volumes of national and international academic Journals.

The Department has following research areas of interest as thrust area—

  • ● Nāya-Vaiśeṣika
  • ● Vedānta
  • ● Buddhism
  • ● Contemporary Indian Philosophy
  • ● Chinese Philosophy
  • ● Applied Ethics
  • ● Analytic Philosophy
  • ● Logic
  • ● Philosophy of Religion.
        Number of M.Phil. Candidate Received their Degrees
Sl.No Name Title of the Thesis Year of Awarded Supervisor
1. Nitai Saha Swami Vivekananda’s Karmayoga and its relevency 2018 Prof. Bhaskar Jha
2. Rubia Sultana   A Comparative Study about the ethical Concepts of Bhagvad Gita and Quran 2019 Prof. Bhaskar Jha
3. Md. Achher Ali Sheikh Morality of Sucide: A Critical Study 2019 Dr. Tripti Dhar
4. Lipika Das Buddha Bhikkhuni Saṅga and its Socio-Philosophical Impact on Women 2021 Dr. Tripti Dhar
  Number of Ph.D. Candidate received their Degrees  
Sl.No Name Title of the Thesis Year of Awarded Supervisor
1. Biswajit Barman Media Ethics and its Relevence in Contemporary Era 2018   Prof. Tapash Mohanta
2. Jhumpa Bagchi A Philosophical Method : A Critical Study 2019 Prof. Bhaskar Jha
3. Karuna Kanta Das Environmental Justice : Attempt of Valuing Nature 2019 Prof. Tapash Mohanta
4. Md. Sirajul Islam Co-Philosophy: An Ethics of Environment 2020 Prof. Tapash Mohanta
5. Kaizar Rahaman Paradigm of Philosophy of Religion: Past and Present 2020 Prof. Tapash Mohanta
6. Asha Parvin Moral Considerability of Non-human World: A Philosophical Reflection 2021 Prof. Tapash Mohanta
7. Kakoli Roy Concept of Liberation (Nirvāṇa/Nibbāna) in Mahāyāna and Theravāda Schools: A Critical Analysis 2021 Dr. Tripti Dhar
  Number of M.Phil. Candidate Registered (if any)  
Sl. No Name Research Area
1. Nasrina Parvin Kant on Categorical Imperative
  Number of Ph.D. Candidate Registered (if any)  
Sl. No Name Research Area
1. Saikat Bandyapadhyay A Study of Kant’s Political Philosophy: Some Critical Reflections.
2. Rajendra Mahato A Critical and Comparative Study of Kathā(Debate) in Ancient Indian Texts(Selected)
3. Sujit Kr. Dutta A Critical Survey on Some Issues of Bio-Medical Ethics From East and West.
4. Moumita Banerjee       Wittgenstein’s Concepts of Word, Sentence and Meaning: A Philosophical Understanding.
5. Md. Akramul Haque Bio-Medical Ethics: A Philosophical Reflection
6. Samir Dasgupta   Swami Vivekananda on Man: A Critical Study
7.   Barnali Ghosh     Business Ethics in the Age of Globalization: A Comparative Philosophical Study

Number of Journal Paper Published (from 2015 to 2020): 29


Number of Conference Paper Published (from 2015 to 2020):00 


Number of Book Chapter Published (from 2015 to 2020): 32


Number of Book Published (from 2015 to 2020): 08

Students and Faculty members are constantly engaged in various academic programmes. Department has successfully organized national and international seminars. Many notable scholars of national and international repute have delivered lectures in the department. Prof. Raghunath Ghosh of North Bengal University, Prof. Graham Priest of City University of New York, Prof. Priyambada Sarkar of University of Calcutta, Prof. D.N. Tiwari of Banaras Hindu University, Prof. Uma Chattopadhyay of University of Calcutta, Prof. Kantilal Das of North Bengal University, Prof. Manidipa Sanyal of University of Calcutta, Dr. Nirmal Kr. Roy of North Bengal University, Late Prof. Tapan Kumar Chakrabarty of Jadavpur University are among such eminent leading scholars of philosophical fraternity.


Many of former students of the department are successfully employed in various governments, semi-government and private institutions, e.g. West Bengal Police, West Bengal School Education Department, Coca Cola and private banking and finance company, hospitals, media house and other companies. The Department of Philosophy also formed Alumni Association by its Ex-Students.



In 2015: 03 Special Lectures.


In 2016: 01 International Seminar


One Day International Seminar on Philosophy, Religion and Society, 12th March, 2016, sponsored by Raiganj University.


03 Special Lectures


In 2017: 01 National Seminar


One Day National Seminar on Relevance of Classical and Contemporary Indian Philosophy Towards Developing Ethics , Religion and Social Justice, 29th March 2017 sponsored by Government of West Bengal.


04 Special Lectures


In 2018: 05 Special Lectures.


In 2019: 01 National Seminar


World Philosophy Day Celebration and one Day National Seminar on Different Dimensions of Epistemology and Metaphysics in 21st Century, 27th March 2019, sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research.

03 Special Lectures

In 2020:  01 National Workshop

Celebration of World Philosophy Day by Organizing & Days National Workshop on “Reading Buddhist Text”, 7th to 13th January 2020, sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, in collaboration with Centre for Buddhist Studies, Raiganj University.


One Day Webinar on Religion, Morality and Violence: A Philosophical Exploration, 3rd September 2020, sponsored by Raiganj University.


04 Special Lectures

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