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Department of Sociology begins its journey on 8 November, 2016 with 15 students (in P.G. 1st Semester) and only one Faculty (Sri. Kumar Chhetri) in Raiganj University.  After that U.G. Course started on 10 July, 2017. At present the total number of student of this department comes around 92(U.G. 1st , 3rd & 5th Semester and P.G. 1st & 3rd Semester) and total number of Faculty is 5. Ph.D is introduced in the Department in 2020-21. Total 16 students get admitted in PhD Programme. As Raiganj is a border area and majority of students belong to rural areas surrounding the University it’s a great opportunity for the Department of Sociology to initiate research projects on varied significant social issues involving students after their completion of their U.G. and P.G Course. At the same time it’s a challenge for this department to develop sociological outlook among the students so that they can build up an attitude to serve the community in future.

Vision of the Department:

Sociology is always anxious about the welfare of Society as well as of human beings as members of that society. The visions of our Department are—

  • To empower the students and inject into them the value of social responsibility.
  • To make students engaged in more research oriented activities.
  • To develop in the paths of excellence as a department fused through integration of teaching and active research.

To be an eminent center for effective social engagement.

Mission of the Department:

To make students efficient in the application of their knowledge and learning is the immediate objective of the Department. The Missions of our Department are—

  • To impart Quality Teaching and to develop Critical Thinking.
  • To develop the capacity of identifying problems,issues and ongoing challenges of individuals at local, regional , national and international levels .
  • To develop the skills of analyzing the causes of any issue and of finding solution.
  • To induce the value to respect human diversity and to go beyond the biases and prejudices.
  • To sustain a supportive and caring atmosphere for improving understanding of and interaction with students.
Level & Nature of the ProgramsDegrees Approved/Offered
Masters (Taught)M.A.-Sociology
Masters (Research)M.Phil.-Sociology
DoctoralPh.D. (Arts)- Sociology

Objective of the UG Programme:

The objectives of Undergraduate programme are:

  • ● To make students understand that Sociology is embedded in our everyday life.
  • ● To develop the capacity to analyse and interpret social situations keeping in mind the prevailing social system and the changing situation in contemporary social world.
  • ● To make learners acquainted with the methodology to study social phenomena.
  • ● To provide the students the background of the emergence of Sociology and to make them understand that the purpose of Sociology is social welfare of human being.


Objective of the PG Programme:

The objectives of Post graduate programme are:

  • ● To develop the ability of critical thinking among the students.
  • ● To foster well researched academic writing and to provide guidance so as to avoid ethical and technical issues involved as proper Referencing Styles and important points of Citation.
  • ● To encourage them to be more research oriented.
  • ● To enhance and enrich the learners’ problem solving skills through striking a balance of theory and field oriented teaching methods.


Specialization of the UG Programme (if any):

No Specialization is offered as per UGC recommendations.


Specialization of PG Programme (if any):

No Specialization is offered.


Future Programme Planning (if any):

  • ● Bringing Major and Minor Research Projects from ICSSR/UGC/ Other Funding Agencies.
  • ● Organizing National/ International seminars.
  • ● Publishing Departmental Journal.

The Department has following facilities for its students, researchers and teachers—


  • ● DepartmentalLibrary,
  • ● Well equipped class-rooms,
  • ● Smart Class-room,
  • ● Computer with Internet facility etc.

The Department has following research areas of interest as thrust area—


  • ● Rural Society,
  • ● Migration,
  • ● Tribal society

The Department of Sociology has started its Ph.D. Program from 2020-21 Session. The Department is approved to offer MPhil/Ph.D. in Sociology Degree with present thrust area of Research Programs are—


  • ● Gender,
  • ● Social Movement,
  • ● Border Studies,
  • ● Identity Politics and Subaltern Studies.
  • ● Number of Journal Paper Published (from 2015 to 2020): 12
  • ● Number of Conference Paper Published (from 2015 to 2020): 02
  • ● Number of Book Chapter Published (from 2015 to 2020): 02
  • ● Number of Book Published (from 2015 to 2020): Nil
  • Under Graduate Programme (Honours) was introduced in 2017 and the first batch of U.G. students passes out in 2020. 2 students qualify with 1st
  • Three batches of PG (Session 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19) students passed out. 17 students get First Class and 12 of them are female.
  • Two ex-students of the Department are working in Government sector.
  • One of them (2016-17) passed out in 2018 is now engaged as a part time lecturer of Sociology in Nathanial Murmu Memorial College, Tapan, Dakshin Dinajpur since 05.12.2018.
  • Another one (2016-17) passed out in 2018 is now engaged as a counselor in Raiganj Medical College since 2018.
  • ● Number of Events Organized: (if any)
  • ● In 2015: Nil
  • ● In 2016: Nil
  • ● In 2017: Special lectures by one Visiting Professor
  • ● In 2018: Special lectures by three Visiting Professors
  • ● In 2019: Special lectures by one Visiting Professor
  • ● In 2020: Nil

Department of Sociology

Second Floor,

Rear Complex of Main Building Annex

Raiganj University

West Bengal-733 134, India



Head/ Coordinator: (Dr. Suchismita Majumdar)